Help? 9 Ways to….Help Another Band

Were you ever helped along in your musical career? 




More than likely you were.  We all need help along the way.  Our success in life depends upon our family, friends, and, most of all in the music world, our fans.

So, let’s stop thinking about what we need for a minute, and think what can we do to help out a fellow band.  The list of things you could do is numerous but here’s a few ideas:


    1. Tell Your Fans.  Send a Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ message. What better way to spread the word. 
    2. Post a newsflash or blog post on your website letting your fans and followers know about an up and coming band and their next show, new CD release, etc.
    3. Invite the band members to join you for a song or two during one of your shows.
    4. Be a Mentor to the band.  We all appreciate advice, especially from those who are where we want to be.
    5. Tell Venue booking agents about the band.
    6. Let them have one of your show times, particularly if you have a residency slot.
    7. Take them on tour with you.
    8. Tell other bands about them.
    9. Buy them lunch.  A new band is almost guaranteed to be low on cash and hungry.

Have you ever wondered how a band, or for that matter a venue, event, festival, etc., decided on the design for a t-shirt?

black tshirt


Well, I have.  I have literally seen t-shirts where you couldn’t tell what was on them.  I’m sure you have too.

What I want you to think about is that your fans love to buy your merchandise.  They want to help support you.  They want to help promote you.  They want their friends to know that they like your band.

So, what is that one thing you should include——your band, or event’s, name.  Pictures, album cover art, and other designs are great but remember to include the one thing that can help you the most, your name.

One other key  piece of info. to include would  be your website address.  It’s not  always obvious what domain name a band is using so why not go ahead and put it on the t-shirt.

What else would you include?

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Are You Creating Momentum?

Today I came across an article on one of my favorite sites, Music Think Tank, called The Importance of Creating Momentum by Minh Chau.


It’s a very encouraging article about how we should keep moving and maintaining the momentum we began.  Too often in life we’re distracted, we stop, we become frustrated, we try to “bite off more than we can chew”.

I’d recommend to each of you that if you’re intuition tells you that your headed down the right  path, then you probably are. Stay focused and take it a little at a time, however much you can handle. Just don't stop !

How do you keep your momentum?


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